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Ella Haber

Ella Haber is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney. A fresh new voice on the rich landscape of young and emerging Australian talent, Ella’s arrival marks an exciting new chapter for the 19-year-old.

No stranger to the stage or studio, her musical journey started at 5 years old when she began piano training, followed by trumpet lessons at the age of 8. While this paved the way for her to develop her musical sensibility and lead her school jazz bands and orchestras, singing was without question, the most significant of her musical passions. Possessing an innate song writing ability, Ella balances emotionally evocative lyricism with a youthful, fresh energy. Combined with a powerful and charismatic vocal ability that has humbly drawn Amy Winehouse comparisons, Ella has effortlessly channeled her influences to carve a unique and empowered sound of her own.

With early demo’s of her forthcoming debut EP reaching the ears of Brisbane-raised, London-based musician Jordan Rakei, the recent Ninja Tune signee – impressed with her vibrant songwriting and compositions – lent his production chops to the project, arranging and recording live instrumentation at Old Paradise Audio in London while Ella worked on vocal recordings at Church Street Studios in Sydney.

With a brilliant debut EP on the horizon, a devastatingly powerful on-stage energy and a musical maturity far beyond her teenage years, Ella Haber is a name that will soon be hard to forget.

Ella's timeless vocals and mature songwriting sensibility was the reason I wanted to work with her on this project.  In a climate where artists often take shortcuts, Ella's determination and strong vision will make her stand out from the rest. It was a pleasure bringing her songwriting to life and I can't wait for the world to hear her music! Jordan Rakei

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