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Tiana Khasi

Hailing from the Sunshine State, with a colourful heritage threading back to the hidden hills of India and the sands of Samoa, Tiana Khasi is carefully carving her name – and voice – across the international stage.

The Brisbane-based songwriter and vocalist is another product of the current thriving jazz/soul incubator in Australia, but delivering a sound and message that is unique to her eclectic lineage.

Khasi (say: Kah-see) is the name of Tiana’s tribe found deep in the North Eastern part of India, high in the hills of Meghalaya. As one of the few remaining matriarchal societies in the world, the Khasi women remain a cornerstone and constant muse in Tiana’s art and music. Influenced by her mixed background and family heritage, the intuitively driven singer takes a unique approach to her creative process, colourfully marrying the different elements of her world together by sampling and recreating imaginations of environments her family came from, understanding her identity along the way.

As a trained jazz vocalist (Queensland Conservatorium of Music) and member of 7-piece jazz/hip-hop band, The Astro Travellers, the singer is no stranger to performing, arranging and collaborating, with a number of standout features already under her belt. Tiana has lent her mesmerizing vocals to fellow Aussie’s The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel and more recently, Sampology, who is currently producing her highly anticipated debut EP. Gracefully blending eclectic and universal sounds with a timeless jazz/soul influence, she seduces her audience via an equally captivating live show.

With effortless ease, Tiana Khasi developed the melodies and lyrics, these combined with her beautifully soulful voice, she captivates! Borrowed Time – I HOUSE U

“Thicker Than Water” is a predictably restless ride, shifting sharply from dub-like basslines to jazzy key-heavy moments, led by the silky Badu-esque vocal contribution from fellow Sunshine State soul artist, Tiana Khasi Rolling Stone Australia

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