With a celestial voice that's been streamed over 3 million times thanks to acclaimed features with The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel and label mate Sampology, Brisbane-based artist Tiana Khasi (Kah-see) shares her offical debut single 'Nuketown'. 

'Nuketown' was born not unlike its namesakes were destructed; fake "towns" purpose-built for explosion in the era of atomic testing - slowly at first, then all at once. Unfurling organically from an effortless collaborative session with Sampology & bassist Sam Maguire, 'Nuketown' features lushly stacked vocal loop harmonies, live Rhodes, bass guitar and drum samples, almost all from the original jam.  

"Nuketown is my gentle way of saying 'You were silly for thinking you could cross me twice. Thanks for the experience, now kindly fuck off and prepare for your self-inflicted demise'," says Tiana Khasi

"A flawless example of the kind of music we can expect from Tiana going forward. [Nuketown] creates something completely original, drawing elements from jazz but never chasing a particular sound or vibe. Everything comes naturally, taking you on a journey with the instrumentation matching the ebbs and flows of Tiana Khasi's sweet vocals. It serves as an exemplary debut for the young artist, and can only mean better things are on the horizon." - Complex UK 

Tiana Khasi's debut EP 'Meghalaya' will be released early next year through Soul Has No Tempo.


Nuketown - Single
Tiana Khasi
Released September 28, 2018
Format: Digital


1. Nuketown
(T. Naug, S. Poggioli, S. Maguire) 
Vocals: Tiana Khasi.
Drums, Programming, Synths & Effects: Sampology.
Bass, Rhodes: Sam Maguire. 

Produced, recorded & mixed by Sampology at Sampo studio. 

Mastering: Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis. 
Photography: Jake Löfvén 
Cover Layout: Sean Bate
Executive Producer: Gavin Boyd
Management: Ali Tomoana

℗&© 2018 Soul Has No Tempo